Lori Leak

LOri Leak Travels To Paris

An exciting new children’s book!


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Inspired by author Barrett Clemmensen Powell’s childhood and family as well as her global adventures in life, Lori Leak is the start of a new children’s book series. With an intelligent, lively heroine and great locations, this series will take children on adventures around the world with humor and love. They will travel along with the central character Lori, her brother Earl, and parents Lawrence and Adelle Leak. The book is richly illustrated by Cannes award-winning artist and animator Kristen Palana. A portion of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to the Earl F. Phillips Legacy Breakfast in memory of her brother, after whom it is named.

Here is the story:  Lori wonders why her father didn’t make it home for story time the night before but soon the curious, intelligent daughter of Lawrence and Adelle Leak learns that it was because he was preparing them for a great adventure. Lori and her parents are traveling across an ocean to Paris, France!

This funny, heartwarming story of an African-American girl and her parents exploring the beautiful and charming sights of Paris will make you laugh and feel good. Written from the heart by intercultural consultant and author Barrett Clemmensen Powell and richly illustrated by award-winning animator Kristen Palana (2014 Palm d’Or , Best Animated Feature Short Film), it is a children’s book keepsake.

“Lori Leak Travels to Paris” is the first in a series of books about this adventurous and spunky heroine.

With more than 40 pages of engaging story and 20 gorgeously rich illustrations, you will love this children’s book even more than your children grandchildren or any child in your life.


Just finished reading the preview for Lori Leak Travels to Paris – what a charming story! The text and the illustrations pair together well to portray a loving and happy family, including the precocious Lori, as they head out on their big trip to France. Now that I know how they got there, I can’t wait to read about her great adventures in that most glamorous city. Looking forward to the finished book!

Deb Wojcicki

“Lori Leak Travels to Paris,” is a lovely story, bright, happy and filled with curiosity and wonder. How delightful this book would be for children everywhere, especially those intending to travel. The illustrations are amazing, colorful works of art. I congratulate the author and artist for such a beautiful story. Can’t wait to see/read more. Keep it coming.

Teresa L. Greenway

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