The Road to Los Angeles


Have you ever driven to Los Angeles? Many do daily, coming from Las Vegas. We want to get Lori Leak to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and it will take some help. Your help.

We think it is important to showcase this bk that features an African-American heroine and family. Diversity in children’s books is severely lacking and this is a part of changing that. Books featuring children who are not Anglo or male are rarely published and promoted. Help us change that.

Donate to our Indiegogo campaign so we cna rent a booth and bring some copies of the book with us. You can find the campaign adn donate at Lori Leak’s L.A. Times Festival of Books Adventure

To help you et excited for the trip, we’s like to share this video with you of a drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles:

Las Vegas NV to Los Angeles CA


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