Getting Lori to L.A.

We are still raising funds on Indiegogo to take “Lori Leak Travels to Paris” to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. There are 19 days to go.  It is the largest international book fair in the United States of America and she deserves to be seen there. We need to rent a booth and have marketing materials and books to give away.

Our goal is $2500 — or 50 people contributing $50. But you can give a smaller amount like $1 or $5. It all adds up and moves Lori closer to the City of Angels. You can be on of the 50 and give $50 or give another amount, smaller or larger and reap a wonerful reward! You biggest reward will be the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting girlpower and future womanpower as Lori Leak fuels the imaginations of girls around the globe about how they can go anywhere and do anything.


Twitter Campaign

We also have a wonderful airplane for global adventurer and businessman Richard Branson to put his Virgin logo on in exchange for corporate sponsorship of our booth at the book fair. Please join us in sending this tweet around Twitter (copy and paste)

The Virgin logo on this plane would take girls to new heights! #girlpower @richardbranson

Thanks so much for your support!!


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